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What is the Safety Kit and why is it so important


The ORCA Safety Kit is essential for accessing ORCA. Whenever you need to log in on a new computer or if you get locked out of your existing account, you will need to use the Secret Key to log in. It is crucial to store the Secret Key in a secure location because losing it will result in losing access to ORCA.

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Store your secret key in a safe and secure place. It is the only way to access ORCA, and there is no other "reset" function. Read more below.

Safety Kit & Secret Key

When do you need your Secret Key?

  • If you want to access a new device
  • If you want to access a device without a pin
  • If you want to access a not trustworthy device

How and where to store your Safety Kit?

  1. Download your Security Kit (including the Secret Key) during your initial log-in process.
  1. Store the secret key in a password manager on your computer.
  1. Print a physical copy of your Security Kit and store it in a safe place, such as a safe at home, office, or any other secure location.

What happens if I lose my Safety Kit?

The Secret Key included in the Safety Kit is the only means to log in to ORCA. If the key is lost, access to ORCA cannot be granted. To regain access, the account owner or another admin must delete the user and re-invite them. To avoid losing the Safety Kit, it is strongly recommended to use a password manager and store the key in a physical location (such as a safe).

Why can't ORCA access my account?

Ensuring your data privacy and security is our top priority at ORCA. We take extensive measures to protect your data by encrypting it on our servers. You are the only one who has access to the encryption key, and under no circumstances can ORCA retrieve or access your data.

At ORCA, we are fully committed to prioritizing the privacy and security of your data. We recognize the significance of safeguarding your data's confidentiality and have implemented robust encryption measures on our servers.

We want to emphasize that we do not and will never have the capability to retrieve or access your data, regardless of the circumstances. Your data belongs solely to you, and we deeply respect your right to privacy. Therefore, if you lose all access to your data, we are unable to retrieve it for you.

How is the Safety Kit structured?

It contains three pages;

  • Page 1 contains your full Secret Key
  • Pages 2 and 3 contain only the first or last half of the Secret Key (in case you want to share it for emergency reasons with two people)
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