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Admin: Invite Users into your Account


This guide explains how to invite new users, such as colleagues, clients, or other stakeholders, to your account.

If you only need to grant partial or temporary access to the structure, you may find the feature of sharing it via link interesting. Check out this article for more information.


Step 1: Access User Administration

  • Select either "Account Owner" or your name, located at the bottom left.
  • Choose "Account Administration."
  • Click "Users."
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Step 2: Invite a new user

Click on the blue "Add a User" button located at the bottom right.

  • Enter the new user's name and email.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate role (permission)

In ORCA, you have the option to select from various roles. A detailed overview of our roles and permissions can be found here.


Admins can create additional vaults, and invite or remove users from the account. It's beneficial to have an extra administrator alongside the account owner to help manage the ORCA account.

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A member can have either editing or viewing rights. They may have editing rights for one vault and viewing rights for another.

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Step 4: Generate the Invite Code

After clicking this button, the invited user will receive an email to register their user profile. For added security, they will need to input the invite code displayed on your screen. Please share this invite code with the newly invited user through a secure channel.

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Step 5: Monitor the new user registration

In your user overview, you can check if the client has registered or if the invitation is still pending.

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