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How to connect with Addepar


Our ORCA integration allows you to automatically sync ownership and valuations to ORCA. ORCA uses this data to create dynamic structure charts that you can enrich with legal, tax, and compliance data and securely share with any stakeholder.

Setup Process

Step 1: Create an Integration-Specific User in Addepar

To avoid disruptions to the integration, create an integration-specific user account and email address for the setup.

  1. Navigate to Firm Administration > Users > Create User.
  1. Name the user after the integration and fill in the user details. For example, the name could be 'Integration Name' and the email address ‘'
  1. Check the box to include the login information in the welcome email and create the user.

Next, set user permissions. Give the user 'full access' or any permissions specified in the configuration guide. Find the welcome email and sign in to Addepar with the temporary password. Then, reset the user's password and store it securely. Start the integration setup and sign in as the new user.

Step 2: Grant User Access to the Integration in Addepar

Still signed in as the integration-specific user, grant other users access to authorize and connect the integration to their Addepar account, and grant access within Firm Administration. You can automatically grant access to all current and future users, or select specific users. Anyone without access will not be able to authorize and set up the integration. Users can disconnect from authorized integrations in their Personal Settings.

Step 3: Connect ORCA to Addepar

  1. Go to ORCA > User Profile > Account Administration.
  1. Select a vault you would like to integrate with Addepar.
  1. Select the Integrations tab, and click Connect. This will redirect you to Addepar, where you can sign in as the integration-specific user and authorize the integration.
  1. Click Sync Options to start importing data from Addepar.
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After the connection is established, you can synchronize data from Addepar to ORCA on demand:

  1. Go to Account Administration> Vaults > Integrations.
  1. Under Entities and Ownership, click Sync now to import them from Addepar.
  1. Under Valuation, select the date and click on Sync Now to synchronize valuations.
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Disconnecting the Integration

Connections to Addepar are disconnected vault-by-vault. Disconnecting the integration stops all future data from syncing to ORCA, and any existing information will remain in the vault.

To disconnect in ORCA:

  1. Go to ORCA > User Profile > Account Administration.
  1. Select a vault you would like to disconnect from Addepar.
  1. Select the Integrations tab, and click Disconnect the Vault. Repeat this step for each applicable vault.

Users can also disconnect in Addepar by visiting their Personal Settings > Connected Integrations and Disconnect from Orca.

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For help with the integration, please email ORCA is there for you!

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