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How to manage shared links?


In ORCA, you can share access to certain data using shared links. The following types can be shared:

  • Files
  • Ownership structures
  • Meeting agendas


How to access the overview of all shared links?

  • Click on your vault located on the top side of the side panel.
  • Select "Shared links."
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How is the information structured?

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  • Access (and copy) the shared link.
  • Status (Active or Inactive).
  • Type (File, Structure, or Meeting that has been shared).
  • Created by (ORCA user).
  • Created At and Valid To (by default, a shared link becomes inactive after 30 days).
  • Password: Indicates whether a password has been set.
  • Options (three dots on the right).
    • Extend the validity of the link.
    • Deactivate the link manually.
    • Reveal the password that was initially created.
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