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Terms & Conditions - Upload via Email Addendum

Last updated: 4th January, 2024

With the Upload via Email feature, you and your users can send files to your ORCA vaults via email.

Everything inside ORCA is encrypted and ORCA can NOT see any of the content of your files, contacts, or assets.

However, when you send information via email, it is still a long journey until it reaches ORCA. Here we explain to what degree your information is visible during this journey.

By activating this functionality, you agree that the information in this article is an extension of the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Key messages

When you use the Upload via Email functionality, then

  • ORCA, together with our service partners, is responsible for ensuring the connection between ORCA’s email and ORCA is secured,
  • ORCA has the means to see the contents of the email sent, while it is not yet processed,
  • ORCA immediately deletes the emails once they are processed,
  • ORCA service user uploads files into your Vault, but can NOT access any information after creation.

While ORCA thrives to ensure the highest level of security, ORCA has no control over;

  • The security of the email provider used by the sender,
  • The security of the transfer performed over the internet (only which protocols are used).

When is the email and its content visible?

During the whole email journey, starting when the email leaves your device and/or your email service provider until it is stored in ORCA, the information might not be encrypted and ORCA can NOT oversee this information transfer. Before the information arrives in the ORCA’s dedicated email account, ORCA has no responsibility for its protection.

Once your email reaches the ORCA email account, a secure connection (IMAP with TLS) fetches the email’s content and stores it in ORCA in an encrypted format. During the processing of the email and its contents, the information is NOT encrypted. Once the process is finalized, the email is fully and immediately deleted from the ORCA's email account.

Depending on the email queue, your email can be in ORCA's inbox on average for less than 1 minute and up to a maximum of 48 hours.

ORCA's email service provider is Google Workspace located in Europe. Google Workspace is GDPR compliant and holds numerous certifications. See more in our Privacy Policy.

Who has access to the ORCA email account?

The ORCA email account that receives your emails can only be accessed in one extreme situation: connection to the ORCA's email account was lost. This is not expected to happen.

To access ORCA's email account, two senior officers from two different departments are required to sign off. If this happens and any of your information might be compromised, then you are informed within 24 hours.

Until today, this process was never triggered.

Who can send information into your vault?

Only you, the Admin, and the Editor Users in your vault can send information via Email.

All of the other email addresses are not allowed to send information into your Vault.

How are my files created in ORCA?

When you activate the Upload via Email functionality, permissions are granted to ORCA’s special back-end user per Vault. The ORCA’s special back-end user only has the privilege to add Files in your Vault via IMAP / email, without ever accessing them again.

Contacting ORCA

If you have questions about our data security, please contact us any time

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