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How to verify that your time is in sync


To ensure the proper functioning of ORCA, it is important to synchronize the time on your local device with internet time. This requirement is necessary due to the security protocols on our servers. It is a standard security measure in applications.


How to check if the local time on your computer is synced?

To check if the local time on your computer is synced, follow these steps:

Open a website that compares the local time on your device with the "official" internet time, such as

  • Your time should be "exact," meaning it is in sync with the atomic clock.
  • The time difference should be less than one second.
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How to change the time if the device is not in sync?

Adjust the time on your computer. This usually means that your device does not automatically synchronize the time with the internet. To change your settings to automatically sync, please refer to the manuals provided below:

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